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Boric Acid Benefits For Women With Vaginal Yeast Infections

Boric acid has a number of benefits for women with vaginal yeast infections. These include helping to prevent fungi from growing, improving the health of the flora in the vagina, and maintaining the pH balance of the vagina.

Can boric acid cause infertility?

Boric acid is an antifungal that helps prevent yeast infections caused by Candida species. This is because it keeps the fungi from thriving and multiplying in the vagina.

BV Treatment

Boric acid benefits is often used in combination with antibiotics as a treatment for bacterial vaginosis (BV). Researchers found that patients who took 600 milligrams of boric acid in a gelatin capsule per day had a much better cure rate than those who only took the antibiotics alone.

Wood Preservatives and Pest Control

Boric acid can be used to prevent and destroy rot in timbers, such as worm and fungus infestations. This has also been shown to reduce the risk of fire ants, termites, and other insects in the home.

Swimming Pools and Spas

In swimming pools, boron salts are commonly added to the water to reduce the amount of chlorine that is needed to disinfect the pool. This reduces the risk of swimmers accidentally getting a toxic chemical in their eyes.

Yeast Infections and Antifungal Benefits

Boric acid is used to treat yeast infections that are resistant to antibiotics, as well as other conditions. It’s a common addition to oral and topical antifungal drugs, including nystatin. It’s also used as a suppository for vaginal candidiasis and trichomoniasis.

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