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Super Mario Odyssey – Luigi’s Balloon World

After finishing the main story in Super Mario Odyssey, players can unlock a bonus mini-game called “Luigi’s Balloon World”. It is a competitive multiplayer hide-and-seek mode where one player hides a balloon while another tries to find it.

During this game, players can also earn Coins and ranks. The number of Coins earned depends on how many times the player plays and the number of balloons they find.

The mario balloon is divided into two modes: “Find It” and “Hide It”. In the former, the player must find a specific balloon by pointing an arrow at the direction of its location. In the latter, the player must hide a balloon by placing it at a specific location within a kingdom in a set amount of time.

Both of these modes are incredibly challenging. There are a lot of areas that require warping in either mode, and there are lots of reoccurring places where other players have hidden their balloons. It’s very important to learn these reoccurring locations before you play Hide It, as it will be much easier to hide your balloon.

The game also features a ranking system, where players’ scores are global and they can check out other players’ rankings. The higher a player’s rank, the more coins they will receive. The game also offers a variety of outfits and camera filters, which can be used to improve their overall performance.

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