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Wicker Bike Baskets

bicycle baskets wicker

Bike baskets are the perfect solution for adding some extra cargo capacity to your bicycle. Whether you are running errands or packing a picnic, a bicycle basket makes it easy to bring everything you need along with you. You can find front and rear bicycle baskets made of wicker, wire or other materials to suit your style and carry capacity needs.

Most bicycle baskets wicker  are easy to attach using straps or hooks and either fit onto your bicycle frame for front baskets or a luggage carrier on the back of your rack for rear-mounted baskets. Front-mounted baskets are easier to use and are great for carrying things like backpacks, bags, lunches and other gear. Some have a lid to keep items secure while you ride and a liner so they don’t shift around during the ride. For heavier loads, you may want a rear-mounted basket that fits on the rack as it will help to keep the load lower and thus not impeding your control or handling.

Ride with Style: Enhancing Your Bicycle with Wicker Baskets

Designed to complement the classic styling of cruiser and comfort bikes, this Nantucket-style wicker basket comes in a stylish vintage stained finish and has a nominal capacity of about 19″ in length and width. It is tightly woven to prevent items from falling through and features a removable liner for added security. Its front mounting also allows you to easily check on the contents.

If you’re looking for a lightweight, modern rear bike basket that can be attached and removed without tools, this one from Basil is a great option. It features a simple, quick-release mount for ease of attachment and removal and is available in a variety of colors to match your bike. It has tall sides so your belongings are secure while you ride and it is available with a waterproof cover and liner for protection in bad weather.

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