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Oregon Police Shut Down a House of Shrooms in Portland

The psychedelic the house of mush renaissance speaks to a spiritually malnourished generation in search of a jolt of euphoria. Studies show that even a single dose can boost life meaning and optimism. And whereas cocaine and heroin can fuel cycles of addiction, there’s no evidence that mushrooms cause psychological problems if used in moderation.

The owners of the Shroom House in West Burnside, which opened last October, had been openly — and illegally — selling the drug. The shop’s name and logo, which featured a mushroom straight out of a fairy tale, were emblazoned on billboards and on signs outside. Its customers were required to fill out an application to join the “Shroom House Society” before buying the hallucinogen, reports The Oregonian/OregonLive.

Unveiling the Mystique: Exploring the Wonders Within The House of Mush

A police raid shut down the business on Thursday. They found 22 pounds of psilocybin, a chemical in certain types of mushrooms, and made four arrests.

Selling psychedelic mushrooms at retail is against the law in Oregon. But the Shroom House may have been banking on a loophole: In 2020, voters approved measures that decriminalized small amounts of drugs and allowed psilocybin to be administered in a regulated setting as a mental health treatment. The shop advertised that it was a licensed psilocybin service.

It’s not clear whether the Oregon Health Authority, which regulates the drug, knew about the Shroom House or cared. The Portland store isn’t the first to operate under a similar name and logo. A store in Vancouver, Canada, had been selling mushrooms under the same name since late 2021 or early 2022.

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