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MUGA Pitch Contractors

MUGA pitch contractors

MUGA pitch contractors are the people who help to install, maintain and repair all weather pitches in schools, sports clubs and leisure centres. They are able to offer services for the different types of surfacing including; porous tarmacadam, artificial turf and polymeric surfaces. Depending on the type of surface chosen, there may also be line markings painted or inlaid into the ground. Learn more:

The primary purpose of a multi-use games area is that it allows for many sports to take place in a compact space. These can include; football, netball and tennis. As a result, it is ideal for schools who want to allow their students to participate in a variety of sports rather than having them focus on one sport only. This is a great way to boost physical fitness amongst the students.

MUGA Pitch Contractor Certification: What to Check Before Hiring

In addition to the benefits a MUGA brings to students, it is also a great way for schools to generate additional income. When the MUGA is not in use by the school, local community teams can be hired out to play on the surface. This avoids the need for teams to travel to other areas to play on natural grass surfaces that are often unusable due to rain or cold temperatures.

Unlike traditional grass sports surfaces, all-weather pitches require very little maintenance in terms of watering and mowing. This helps to save on the cost of hiring a groundskeeper and also cuts down on the amount of chemicals that are needed. This is good news for the environment and helps to keep the MUGA as clean and safe as possible.

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