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Choosing Furniture Caster Wheels

Caster wheels are an essential part of furniture caster wheels and other equipment. They make objects easier to move, reduce strain on your body and minimize damage to floors. But, they come in so many different sizes, shapes, materials and with multiple swiveling, braking and locking options that it can be overwhelming to choose the right ones for your needs.

Small Wheels, Big Impact: The Benefits of Using Small Wheels for Furniture

When shopping for caster wheels, you’ll need to consider the material they are made of, their diameter and their load capacity. The higher the weight capacity of the wheel material, the better it will perform. The diameter of the caster wheel also has an impact on its weight capacity, so always choose a larger diameter if you have a heavy load or machinery to transport.

Generally, large diameter wheels cover more ground in a single roll than small diameter wheels. They can handle larger loads and distribute them more evenly over the floor, making them an excellent choice for plants, warehouses and other environments with high-load capacities.

The best caster wheels for your application depend on the type and amount of mobility required, as well as the flooring it will be rolling on. For example, caster wheels that are more suited for moving chairs around should be soft and flexible to prevent fatigue and stress on the body.

For carpets or other soft surfaces, hard caster wheels are ideal. They are made of polyurethane or rubber, which will not scratch or slide on the surface of your floor and are usually locked in one place.

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