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The Real World AI by Andrew Tate

In the real world login AI, Andrew Tate teaches students various freelancing skills such as e-commerce copywriting and running paid ads for local businesses. He also discusses affiliate marketing and offers a crypto campus to teach students about long-term investment and trading in the crypto market. Additionally, he provides video lectures that explain how to set up and run a YouTube channel. He has a reputation for being honest and transparent with his followers, which makes him a popular figure in the online business world.

However, critics have noted that Tate’s hypnotic social media videos and extremist ideas contain red flags of cult-like indoctrination. For example, his language of isolating his followers from “average” society mirrors the rhetoric used by cult leaders. Additionally, his insistence that he alone holds the keys to escape “The Matrix” implies that he has total authority over the lives of his followers. This puts him on an untouchable pedestal not unlike a cult guru.

Breaking Down The Real World AI: Andrew Tate’s Perspective

The program has several skeletons in its closet that make it an ethical question mark. For one, women aspiring entrepreneurs would likely have to compromise their values to succeed under his guidance and men may find that adopting his misogynistic philosophy harms their worldview and relationships. Additionally, he has made dubious associations with extremists like Andrew Anglin, founder of the neo-Nazi website The Daily Stormer. While he denies endorsing Anglin’s views, his willingness to interact with such figures is a serious concern for many potential students.

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