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Sateen and Satin Sheet Sets

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Sheet Sets

When it comes to bed linen, you want to find something that looks great, feels luxurious and will get better with every wash. There are a few different options available, but you should look for the ones that will work best for you. Go more

Sateen sheets are made with a unique weave, so they’re known for their softness and subtle sheen. This type of weave allows more yarn to be exposed on the surface, creating a smooth feel and sheen that’s similar to silk.

Unlike percale, which has a plain weave pattern, sateen sheets feature a four over, one under (or one over three or four) grid pattern that gives the fabric a nice luster and drape. It also doesn’t wrinkle as much, so it’s a popular choice for sleepers who prefer to keep their bedding crisp and smooth.

High-end sateen sheets are made from premium cotton, like Egyptian or Pima, and these fabrics tend to be softer and more durable than their cheaper counterparts. However, it’s important to remember that you don’t always see thread counts on sateen, so make sure you check the label.

Upgrade Your Bedding with the Best Sateen Sheets on the Market

Budget sateen sheets are typically around 200 thread count and may have more threads per square inch than regular cotton, but the difference is less obvious. These sheets are also a bit less expensive than satin, but they don’t have the same sheen or ability to drape as sateen does.

If you’re looking for a quality set of sateen sheets, we recommend checking out Parachute’s premium bedding sets and separates. These sateen sheets are made with long-staple Egyptian cotton, so they’re soft and durable and get better with time. They resist pilling and wrinkles, and they’re easy to clean.

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