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How to Design a Successful Exhibitor Booth

web design booth

A brand’s name, color scheme and emotion that it evokes are critical to building awareness of a product. That’s why it’s important that a company keep these attributes consistent across all marketing assets, including booth design. Go here

A well-designed booth is one that invites attendees to enter the space and move around. To encourage visitors to stay, you should avoid obstructing the entrance area with large furniture pieces or signage. You should also ensure that all your design elements can be seen from the most traffic areas of the venue, which includes the aisles and front door of the exhibit hall.

From Concept to Conversion: Maximizing Impact with Your Web Design Booth

If you’re looking to display a wide variety of products for attendees to view and handle, this design is ideal. The back wall displays products in waist-high cases that echo jewelry-store displays to elevate their perceived value. This approach is ideal if you’re targeting premium prospects with your wares.

The reception desk acts as an anchor to the booth, allowing one staffer to engage and qualify prospects aisle side while another builds relationships with existing clients at the back of the footprint. This booth design is simple and cost effective since many of the components can be rented, reducing shipping, drayage and storage costs.

Web designers use their technical expertise and knowledge to capture a company’s brand identity in the visual elements of a website. They often work with UI and UX designers to ensure that products are responsive, accessible and inclusive no matter the browser or device used by an end user. Web designers should be ready, willing and eager to tackle issues as they arise, and communicate their ideas in a down-to-earth, jargon-free way.

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