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How to Add a Hot Tub Rental to Your Airbnb

Adding kublu noma to an Airbnb is an excellent way to boost short-term rental revenue. It can also add value to long-term rentals, especially for ski and beach vacations. There are several considerations to make before making this decision, including having enough space, knowing the costs, and doing a competitive analysis. In the right market, a hot tub can increase occupancy rates and nightly rates significantly without raising your Airbnb’s value pricing.

Steve Bergen is the owner of a family-owned business, Urban Life Spas in Syracuse, New York, that rents out hot tubs. He started out by renting outdoor equipment like tents, chairs, and inflatables before deciding to add a hot tub rental service. At the time, he needed to replace his summer job income, and the idea appealed.

Relaxation on Demand: Exploring the Benefits of Hot Tub Rentals

Bergen typically has three hot tubs available to rent year-round and ups this to six during popular holiday events, such as Christmas and the Super Bowl. He uses recent trade-ins or floor models as rental units, and when they’re ready to retire from rental service he offers customers the opportunity to purchase them at a discount.

He says that his customers aren’t always convinced at first, but that he takes the time to explain the benefits of a quality hot tub. He also shows them how the system works and provides instructions for use. If the customer is still hesitant, he’ll offer a one-year buyback guarantee. This is a low-pressure way to introduce a product and, he says, it often results in future sales.

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