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Goal 360 TV

Goal 360 TV is the new way to watch your favorite sports team play. It’s fast, convenient and free. Watch a game in full HD quality, or choose a lower resolution to save on data. It’s easy to use, and works on all devices.

How to Watch Your Favorite Sports on Goal 360 TV

MLS and Apple are tight-lipped about metrics for the MLS Season Pass streaming service, but there’s one first metric available: the viewing numbers for the MLS 360 whip-around show after its YouTube debut. It’s not apples-to-apples — the live and on-demand broadcast on YouTube is different from the live broadcast on Apple TV, which has its ad breaks — but it’s a good start.

This Goal compares your open opportunities to your partners’ customers to find potential overlaps, then sorts them from the most to least likely to convert based on their Partner Signal and history of converting to deals (when available). This is an updated version of New Prospects.

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