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Glazed Partitioning

Glazed Partitioning offer a clean, modern aesthetic that complements the office environment and increases the occupant’s sense of well-being. The transparency of the glass allows natural light to penetrate the interior space and reduce lighting costs – especially when used for meeting rooms or boardrooms. This brighter interior also enhances employee morale, helps to reduce seasonal depression and increases productivity.

Demountable partitions are a great choice for commercial buildings and offices that frequently have new occupants or business requirements as they can be easily reconfigured to suit the specific needs of each area. They are typically easy to install and do not require advanced construction, which saves on labour costs.

The Evolution of Glazed Partitioning: From Concept to Reality

These room dividers can be made from a variety of glass types to suit your needs. Some examples include single glazed, double glazed (including acoustic glass for soundproofing), etched or frosting to increase visual privacy and smart glass integration that can switch from transparent to opaque at the flick of a switch. Some glass partition systems are fire-rated as well.

Glass office partition doors can be supplied with a range of ironmongery options including offset patch hinges, pivot, or sliding doors with either a standard straight edge or full lever lock handle. All office glass partitions must have a film manifestation to comply with Building Regulations – this can be a simple design like dots or squares or bespoke to your corporate identity.

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