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Cheap Excavating Services Near Me

Excavation is a key step in a variety of home construction projects, including installing a new basement or crawl space, repairing or waterproofing a basement, constructing a patio or driveway, and building a pond or swimming pool. The cost of preparing the site for these projects can vary considerably. Homeowners can save money by shopping around for the cheap excavating services near me and negotiating with contractors to get competitive rates.

How long does excavation take?

The type of soil and terrain can also affect the cost of an excavation project. Soft, loose soil is easier and cheaper to dig through than hard, rocky soil. If the terrain is steep or sloped, it will be more challenging to maneuver machinery, causing delays and increasing the price. Underground obstructions such as pipes and utility lines are another major factor that can add to the expense of an excavation project. Homeowners can reduce these costs by calling 811 to have the lines marked before the contractor begins work.

When shopping for cheap excavation services near me, homeowners should ask the contractors about their qualifications and experience. Some questions to ask include: How long have you been in business? Have you completed similar projects in the past? Are you licensed, bonded, and insured? Do you own or rent your equipment? How do you plan to keep the site safe and clean during excavation? Will you flag buried pipes and utility lines? Do you take care of dirt removal, and where will the dirt go?

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