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Yoga and Meditation in Bali

Whether you want to flex your yoga muscles or stretch out with meditation in an open-air bamboo studio backed by peaceful rice field views, The Practice is one of the most centrally-located yet highly-acclaimed yoga studio bali. Its expert instructors teach classic Hatha Yoga in line with the principles of Moon, Sun and Fire and their approach is deeply rooted in the earth and ocean.

Why is Bali famous for yoga?

The calming earth tone color palette and large openings of Studio 88 encourage the outdoors in, with fully-glazed walls and sliding glass balustrades. Inside, organic Botanicals products and European linen sheets on latex mattresses, Sonos speakers, fast Wi-Fi and a fridge stocked with tropical fruits create the perfect sanctuary.

In a city where repurposing old buildings is a way of life, kinship studio breathed new life into an abandoned 20 year old factory, designing a workspace that is both functional and beautiful. The emphasis on retaining the existing structure was paramount in the design process, with original wall fragments and plasterwork carefully incorporated into the final space. The result is a unique and inspirational place to work, with an emphasis on community through their coworking spaces and events.

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