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The Benefits of Eco Tuning

eco tuning

The word eco tuning is usually associated with the improvement of fuel efficiency. However, Eco Tuning can also bring slight enhancements in torque and driving dynamics. Unlike performance tuning, which involves a lot of modifications to the engine and requires a special machine known as a dyno, eco tuning is typically done via the car’s OBD II port. This technology reads the ECU’s programs and optimizes the parameters, such as the injection time or turbo pressure.

The most noticeable benefit of this process is reduced fuel consumption, which varies per vehicle. The power output of the engine remains the same but its throttle response is optimized to reduce aggressive or sporty acceleration processes, which saves fuel and money at all times, especially on long trips and under full load.

Driving Green: Exploring the Benefits and Techniques of Eco Tuning

As diesel prices are continuously rising, freight forwarders and service providers gain a competitive advantage by using less fuel. In addition, the reduction of fuel consumption increases the range of trucks and vans, allowing them to cover more kilometers on one tank of gas.

Moreover, the new PedalBox Pro is able to reduce the load on the engine, which further optimizes fuel consumption. It allows drivers to use less octane fuel for the same power output and accelerates more slowly. This not only saves fuel but also protects the engine and transmission. The octane usage can be reverted to the original settings at any time, which means that the engine is no longer strained.

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