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Snapchat Advertising Specs

Aiming to napchat advertising specs with Snapchatters requires a deep understanding of the platform’s culture, language and trends. Once you know what resonates with this young audience, choose a format that complements and enhances your creative assets while fulfilling your campaign objectives. Snapchat’s ad formats include Single Image or Video Ads, Collection Ads, Story Ads, Filters and Sponsored Lenses. Survey this orchestra of creatives and select the ad format that composes a visual symphony that harmonizes with your brand’s melody and strikes a chord with your target demographic.

Snapchat Strategies: Effective Marketing on the Platform”

Single Image or Video Ads are the foundation of most Snapchat advertising campaigns and are ideal for an array of business objectives. These ads are full-screen and can direct audiences to your website, app, long-form video, or even a Snapchat filter or sponsored lens.

Snapchat’s Product Catalog Ads are designed to showcase a set of products and allow users to purchase directly within the app. They’re built from items uploaded into a Product Catalog, with Snapchat determining the most relevant ad to serve to a user based on their previous engagement with your website or app, as well as any campaign goals you set.

The Snap Pixel is an opt-in tracking solution that marketers use to collect and store data on the actions of their audience members on Snapchat. These data points can be used for a variety of campaign goals, including engagement, video views, lead generation, and catalog sales. This is especially effective for businesses with e-commerce websites.

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