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Project Red Hand

Project Red Hand was a Soviet government program that was designed to develop super-soldiers and travel to other dimensions. It was an attempt to wrest control of the world from the Illuminati and the Templars. Using Nikola Tesla’s technology, it was able to isolate areas from spy satellites and telepathic voyeurism.

In order to achieve its goals, Red Hand needed human test subjects. Initially, the program was aimed at producing super-soldiers for the Russian army. The facility was nicknamed “the Slaughterhouse” because so many test subjects were consumed. After the Soviet Government revoked the Red Hand’s carte blanche, the program was abandoned.

As the Soviet Union was in decline, the Red Hand grew lax and the organization lost its focus. Its scientists fled for fear of prosecution for crimes against humanity. They also were forced to hide their reckless experimentation, and assimilated into Phoenicians and Phoenician magicians.

Many of the people who worked for Red Hand were unable to return to their former positions. Despite the many casualties in the Facility 10, the program was not deemed a success by the Soviet government. For years, Red Hand had influence in Greece and China, but was not successful in obtaining Gaia-touched individuals.

Eventually, Red Hand’s efforts to claim Agartha as their new home resulted in a disastrous failure. After the fall of the Soviet Union, the Red Hand was officially disbanded. But, the remnants of the society remain in Transylvania. Various planes with Red Hand insignia have been crashed in the region.

On International Red Hand Day, the organization aims to encourage campaigners and activists to share their stories and activism. To celebrate the event, a press conference was held in Pune, India. At the conference, a project coordinator spoke about the work of the WISE Organization, a nonprofit organization whose mission is to protect children. She also spoke about the role of mothers in protecting their children.

One of the victims was a Protestant woman named Margaret Wright. When she was found dead in an abandoned house, the UVF/RHC claimed that she had been murdered. RHD also claimed that she was involved in the murder of a Catholic postman and a teenage girl. Other members of the group have carried out pipe bombings, arson attacks against civilian targets, and have claimed responsibility for the death of five people in 2001.

Some of the participants of the Red Hand experiment were selected for their psychic powers. As part of the program, they were given infusions of anima and taught to detect anima. These astronauts were also trained to manipulate anima.

The facility remained hidden under the Carpathian Mountains. Only a handful of Red Hand agents returned to the headquarters. However, they were never able to achieve their goal of taking Hollow Earth. Ultimately, the Red Hand program ended.

In November 2007, the World Socialist Web Site (WWW) began a campaign to publicize the history of the Red Hand program. By using the image of a red handprint across the face, it is hoped that this will encourage more information to be released about the program. Organizers encourage campaigns to be posted on YouTube, and they promote the use of the red handprint as a form of healing and activism.

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