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How to Take the Lost Inner Child Test

The inner child is a powerful force that shapes everything we do as adults, from our career choices to who we choose to date. When this younger self is wounded, however groenerekenkamer, it can cause all kinds of trouble.

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For example, if you’re easily scared of new experiences or you have a hard time staying present with your emotions, you may have unprocessed childhood trauma. This is because a wounded inner child feels unsafe in the world. Your inner child trauma can stem from many different things, including emotional neglect, lack of a safe environment or physical abuse.

A common sign of a wounded inner child is having an overly critical inner voice. This could be the result of having overly critical parents as a kid or simply internalising criticism over the course of your life. When you’re able to identify that the source of your negative inner voice is childhood trauma, it can be much easier to let it go and reconnect with your adult self.

Another sign of a wounded inner child is feeling insecure in any relationship, whether it’s with friends or partners. Having deep-seated insecurities is often a result of childhood trauma, and can cause you to become overly dependent on others or cling to relationships that are unhealthy for you. This is a sign that your inner child feels abandoned, and needs reparenting. A good therapist can help you find strategies to reconnect with your wounded inner child and heal its wounds.

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