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 Initial Coin Offerings –The New Beginnings


The relatively new funding venture by crypto companies, that is similar to the initial public offering has come to lead the crypto space, and is more or less the next phase in establishing the cryptocurrency as a crowd-funding concept to widen the reach of digital currency across the globe. Overall, there has been more than $200 million raised through ICO that is phenomenal, in terms of the growth and the trust that people have placed in the digital assets over the years.

More insights on ICO

The initial coin offerings by crypto companies, startups to get access to funding through the issuance of digital tokens that are proprietary, anyone can participate in the ICO and obtain the tokens without any intermediaries or restricted with any regulations. The tokens can be traded by the users within the platform continue reading for the purchasing and selling in the decentralized exchanges that double as crypto trading platforms.

  • the funds raised by the ICO are used for the further research on the Blockchain, and other decentralized applications
  • this decentralized manner of raising funds, looks easier way out, to venture capitalistic who have many processes and timelines to be followed, the ease of getting crowdfunding for ICO is simpler
  • the prices of cryptocurrency are steadily increasing, hence ICO token buyers stand to gain, rather than venture capital firms who gain initially and somewhere in the middle it is a slow pitch
  • it is easier and faster to raise ICO than other means of capital for the business, Bitcoin Trader and other trading platforms will slowly tie up with the exchanges to raise the ICO tokens
  • with the key authorizing a series of characters or numbers to entitle the token holders to redeem in case of price rise, sell or store them in their private wallets
  • the digital tokens, however, do not have any attachment in the rights of purchasing the shares of the company or the assets
  • startups have been finding the ICO as the best way to raise the capital funding without any financial statements or other regulations in place, however, there are regulations that have been in the process to have certain conditions to be fulfilled to issue ICO


Since there was no equity in the offering, often the ICO managed to avoid the regulatory laws that are not stringent on the entire crypto scene, however, there is a lot more going on today, to have a good mix of Crypto and traditional public offerings to raise the capital outlay of companies.





Investing in Index Bonds – a wise decision

Investing in Index Bonds – a wise decision

We are in the midst of many types of investment solutions from every financial aspect of this world. There is a number of agencies that provide financial assistance and make it known to many of the best investment plans for everyone. One such wise decision is the investing in index bond which has been usually ignored by many. But its special features and alluring. Learn more about it from this simple approach towards making index bonds investment simple and ethical.


This index fund is a type of mutual fund that is made like a structured portfolio fund which is similar to the market index components. For eg like the stand and poor, S& P 500. When you decide to invest in this fund, it becomes the best source of passive income. There is a lower management expense ratio to this fund. These are the best-suited funds for retirement accounts and pension planners.

Some of the unique features of these funds are :

  • There is no requirement of research analysts and any such personnel for assisting in the stock selection process.
  • It provides a broad market exposure. This makes the investor get vast knowledge about market trends and structure.
  • It also comes with lower operating expenses which are a very attractive feature for investors.
  • The portfolio turnover is also less and well structured.
  • These funds do not require any direct indulgence with the market and this makes it an easy process for investors.
  • It is mostly credible as it is structured similarly to the well-phrased
  • Investors can relax and not be prepared for buying or selling the securities.
  • One of the best ways of passive income so far judged by many.

In the opinion of the market legend Warren Buffet, the index funds are the best choice for retirement haven. While investing in all the low-cost companies that come under S&P, there can be a huge success in making income from these. And he says that whatever might come and go, overtime these funds perform well.

Comparing with many other investments and market movers, something which is easy to understand and also analyze is the index funds. Thus more of the awareness needed for investors has been created recently to allow as many to benefit from it.

Choosing to invest in funds is the best decision while fixing it on index funds is the wise decision.




Hargreaves Lansdown-To let Bitcoin Investment

Hargreaves Lansdown-To let Bitcoin Investment

Bitcoin is the ever growing leading cryptocurrency in the field now. It has been moving more and more steps forward in becoming the fully fledged integral part of the financial world in the recent times. One of the latest news is that Britain’slargets online platform Hargreaves Lansdown, which is trading activity platform like bitcoin loophole is not a scam, will be soon allowing its users to invest in Bitcoin. Hargreaves is a famous trading platform, which involves around 870,000 customers and investment from the overseas about $91 billion. It’s a monetary benefit which is situated in Bristol that offers and finances and numerous related products. The organization was found in 1981, by Peter Hargreaves and Stephen Lansdown who began to exchange from their rooms. Do these changes benefit the Hargreaves customers from a financial view? Let us see:

Hargreaves Investment

Hargreaves has planned to give access to many customers to invest money to track the price of Bitcoin. This money is offered by Swedish Company XBT, this will act as the exchange-traded note, or as ETN, according to the telegraph language.ETN is money which is mentioned in the stock exchange so that customers can sell and buy investments like shares.

We can see that XBT is working as synthetic certificates, which is tracked by US dollars, and these follow the price of Bitcoin.The ETN will overlooks the Swedish krona. This will help the Hargreaves customers to see 2 different types of currency risk present, most of them will be British.

Hargreaves Customers

XBT has said that Hargreaves customers might face some risk in investing in ETN. The value of the certificate will be highly affected by the performance of Bitcoin in the market and U.S dollars/krona exchange rate. But this will not risk the Bitcoin customers; this will show the future of digital currencies and its long-lasting securities for Hargreaves customers.

Hargreaves Operation

Hargreaves Lansdown has decided to include ETN on its platform soon. A spokesperson for Hargreaves said that a few customers have asked for the ETN. This platform is making available for self-select investors in many ways. They offer access to 3000 exchange-traded funds, commodities, and notes. They have the opportunity to invest in the Investment bitcoin trust. It looks like another platform might follow the same root since the bitcoin, particularly in the cryptocurrencies, have been performing in an exceptional performance in the last few months.

ETP ’s, the broad investment exchange contains both standard exchange-traded funds and exchange-traded funds.


At the beginning of 2017 Bitcoin, the leading digital currency has doubled in price. Vantageasian is an investment platform in this company that makes the customers hold to different types of investments. The company has £86 billion of assets, as of this year 2018. So as per the report, Hargreaves will let Bitcoin invest in this platform.


Why Online Trading Is Most Preferred By The Investors

Why Online Trading Is Most Preferred By The Investors

Online trading is gaining popularity by each passing day. Each and every day new investors are entering the market. As the competition keeps increasing, it is also likely different kinds of threats and scams to come up.  But online trading has more benefits under its belt and listed below are few of them.

Benefits of online trading

The market will be open 24/7- As the market is open day and night, it gives an opportunity to all the investor to carry out their work in their convenience.  You can do your research and trade whatever time you want and from anywhere you wish.  It also can be done along with your regular job and your daily routine will not get affected.

Online trading platforms or brokerage firms-  If you are new to the market, you need to be careful while choosing an online brokerage firm as there would be few of them will be a scam and you will end up losing money. It is always ideal if you read through all the reviews of the software’s and brokerage firm before you choose one. You can read reviews online and it will help you in picking the right one. In case of online trading of cryptocurrencies, you can choose the software bitcoin loophole. You can read its review here and Bitcoin loophole is not a scam.  These online trading platforms will help you to earn money and you need not have to worry about your money being invested in the wrong asset.

Speedy transactions- With the help of the online trading, one can carry out their transactions quickly if you have a good internet connection.  Also, you can view all the latest updates about the market within few seconds. It offers valued information which can be utilized to make wise decisions. You will not lose any money by making a delayed deal.

Real-time progress- The online trading platforms offers the investors or traders to view their investment progress in real-time. You can view the changes in the market every minute. This will help the investor to study the market carefully and take the decision to buy or sell accordingly. Vast data of information is available in just a click away. All the historical data and the past trends can be viewed online and a careful study can be conducted by the investor. The life is made easy for the investors with the advent of technology in the financial market.




The ways to make Passive Income

The ways to make Passive Income

“ Money”  is it a boon or bane? A necessity or luxury? Such questions are always hypothetical and it makes our thought process quite hard to decide on what is the real meaning of money. Everybody wishes to save and invest and secure their future. Some are well capable to save and make future settle just with the help of their earnings from a job. But some people are not able to do this, that is the time when they think of doing an extra hour of work or make income from any part-time job or find some way of earning money.

There is no easy way or shortcut is the myth, but there is this concept of passive income which is not researched by many. Hence this article is a humble attempt to find some experienced answers to know the ways of making passive income. Learn more about it from reading through this short write up.

Some of the ways to make passive income a successful way to save money are:

  1. Use high yield savings: opt for a savings account with banks that offer high yield from your savings without locking up your money for many years. One of the coolest options is the online banks which offer better interest to its clients than the traditional banks.
  2. Invest in index funds: these are the type of funds which help you to invest in the stock market without direct indulgence. This indicates that you will not have the tension in choosing the investments, understanding their structure and make portfolio changes and also you need not prepare for selling or buying the investments timely. Thus index funds can be the best source of passive income.
  3. Choose to buy high dividend stocks: rather than thinking of the risk in high dividend stocks, keeping a minimum part of your portfolio in such stocks can promise you regular passive income for a while till the stock performs well. Sometimes you can also get benefits from capital gains in these
  4. Outsource your business: when there is too much pressure with your existing business, you can outsource your tasks, most of them and fins income source from this. Though it may reduce control, it will create a focus on making more income from your other tasks. Also, you have the choice of finding freelance contract workers who get the job done qualitatively well.
  5. Become a silent partner: if at all you feel you can contribute capital to a business and be someone like an angel investor do this along with a chance to make some income as well. This you can do by becoming a partner in the business.

These are some tips that have been successfully implemented. Keeping your research on to find out more about this and begin implementing it.



Trading Is About Being Consistently Profitable

Trading Is About Being Consistently Profitable

Taking profitable trades once a while is something that almost all of the traders in the market achieve. But the key here is not to have just a few winning traders but to be profitable consistently. This is what will let you earn income through trading.

There are many traders who would be making huge wins but when you check their stats over time you will see that the profits are not consistent. They may be making huge wins in a particular month and losing out a good percentage in the next month. Thus as traders, you will need to ensure that your average returns are almost the same each month.

Identify what your profit zone is

This source will let you understand what the profit zone is. The support and resistance levels are important levels to let you take trades. However, it is also important that you pay a lot of attention to the where you would be taking profits. The trading opportunity gets created only when you have a profit zone and it is also important that the profit zone meets the risk and reward ratio.

You should thus stay away from taking trades where the supply and the demand zones are very close to each other. This is because it will not give the price enough space to move and will also cut some on your profits. This will result in the risk: reward ratio to not be met.

Take the maximum profits

The profit zone is where the potential for making a profit is the highest. The supply levels where the price starts to decline and this is where you take a short position. The demand level is the resisting level in this case and this is where you will be covering all your shorts.

It is important that before taking any trade you measure the risk and reward ratio. If you are looking for opportunities that offer you a reward to risk ratio of 3: 1 then make sure that the chart at least gives you a 4: 1 ratio. In this way, you will not be very adamant about taking trades at the peak of the level. So when the chart gives you a 4:1 ratio you are better off closing your position at 3:1.

Also, do not wait for the price to reach all the way to the demand zone to book your profits. This is because there is a lot of competition at this level and it could happen that you may not even get time to react here. So book your profits just before the price is about to reach the demand level.


Cryptocurrency Mining Is Like A Running Race

Cryptocurrency Mining Is Like A Running Race

A running race is one of the most interesting athletic events. It is a hard, yet the most energizing event. It is a great pride to run and win the race. It is a challenging task to be achieved. It seems to be a simple event but requires a lot of practice. Let us discuss it in a great detail.

The first and foremost thing required to become a good athlete is to have a good interest. Secondly, there should always be a fit body condition. Healthwise mentally and physically one has to be very much sufficiently equipped to handle the stress in a relaxed manner. Thirdly, we have to organize and tune our body regularly which means we need to practice every day. Fourthly, we need to understand that there will be a huge and challenging competition in the world outside and tend to get used to it. There can be winning times also losing times as well. We will have to be prepared to meet it at any rate. Fifthly, the place where the event is conducted varies all the time. We have to have a physical and mental mindset to accommodate the climatic conditions in a big way.

In the same way, we have the traders investing in the cryptocurrency market. We should have the interest to invest and have sufficient knowledge to handle the pressure as well. We have to be fit enough to work on our investments in a timely manner. We have to practice and invest some amount of money every day to earn the best in life.  As always in a financial market, we are bound to face challenges, we have to be prepared to meet it all at any rate. We have to keep in mind winning and losing is always a part of the entire game. There will be a lot of outlying features that influence the market at large and we need to be prepared for it all.


To assist and let us invest with ease in the cryptocurrency market we have good auto trading robots. Bitcoin Trader is just considered the best among all the similar products out there. It is a good source for active trading. They are designed with great expertise and full controls. They can analyze the market with good efficiency and predict the actions to be taken with good accuracy rates. 

Factor That Impact Credit Score

Factor That Impact Credit Score

Credit Usage

This is known by another name, credit utilization ratio which plays an important role in credit score calculation. By maintaining the ratio less than 30% you can keep your credit score up to the mark. Keep your trading skills up to mark and learn more about it. We can say that the balance kept should be as low as possible on the credit card since it will be good for the credit score. Credit usage is will have a notable impact on the credit score as FICO makes use of this to decide how responsibly you make use of credit.

If you want to keep your credit usage low you can do the following things:

  • Keep the balance in the credit card low.
  • In a month make more than one payments.
  • Keep your credit limit high.

Derogatory Marks

The list of derogatory marks is as follows:

  • Tax Liens
  • Collections
  • Bankruptcies
  • Debt settlement
  • Foreclosures
  • The judgment that is due in civil court regarding your report.

All the above-mentioned marks will impact in a negative manner on the credit score and they will stay on the report for seven year or 10 years and sometimes more than that. It is of high importance that everyone has a check of their credit report at least every year once.

It was found that one in every five customers had a fault on either one or multiple credit report according to the study done in 2012 by the Federal Trade Commission. Suppose you notice that there is some error or there is something wrong with your credit report you can hire people from credit repair services who will help in resolving the issue.

One can have a check on their credit report through a website that is free known as Annual Credit Report and here they need to have a check at least once every year on the following things:

  • Equifax credit report
  • TransUnion credit report
  • Experian credit report

There is also a credit monitoring service that you can purchase which will provide assistance and help the customers in protecting their identity and solve disputes.

Length of Credit History

It is important to have some sort of credit history if one wants to have a credit score. Having a credit history that is short will be unpleasant to the credit score, however, the only thing you can do is wait as there is no other way. If you want a good credit score, having a credit of five years to six years is advised, but if you have a credit of more than seven years it is outstanding.

Blockchain simplified

Blockchain simplified

Bitcoin is gaining popularity lately everyone from barber to trader of the stock market is talking about blockchain. Although this article is not about how to make money using Bitcoin we will talk about the underlying technology that helped Bitcoin to reach the top of its popularity and how the technology will be useful in the coming days.

Looking back into the history

In October 2008 a white paper was released by a person named Satoshi Nakamoto explaining his approach on sending money directly from the sender to the receiver without involving any financial institution. This paper gave birth to the concept – Bitcoin. Bitcoin uses some cryptographic concept as its underlying principle so the name cryptocurrency evolved. The financial transaction is the only purpose why Bitcoin was created but the researchers decided to harvest the underlying technology to build robust technology. This underlying technology was named as “Blockchain”.

A real-world analogy of blockchain

Let us assume that you live in a city that has the capacity to park 200 cars at a time. The gate of the parking space opens only when the cars move in or out. Now you may think why to park your car in this parking space because it will provide:

  • Security is the prime reason, your car will be safe from thieves
  • Price is another reason, as the maintenance cost of the parking space will be borne by the owner of the space.
  • Centralized: as all the cars in the town are in the same building so can call it centralized.

Now lets the do some modifications to the scenario and assume that in the city there are 200 houses ad each house has two parking spaces and people decides to rent out the extra space, this way it will solve the problem if there are more than two hundred cars. Now let us analyze the situation.

  • Price: they can rent out the extra space the cost of that extra space will be low compared to big parking space.
  • Security: each car will be secured as they will be locked separately.
  • Decentralized: compare to the above model, here the cars will be distributed all over the city hence decentralized.

The above analogy provides the simplest model to understand the technical infrastructure of the blockchain.

Parking model to technical model

The above example gives a very basic idea about the blockchain in real-world language. Now let us match the parking components to the actual technical model.

  • The big multiple car parking spaces are the centralized system.
  • Data and application are the cars.
  • Distributed car parking is the decentralized system.

The blockchain idea is simplified to make it easy to understand for the beginners. learn more about it to know more.




Crypto risk and gain

Crypto risk and gain

Over the last few years market has given a lucrative return on investment on Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, ripple etc.  The amateur investors became millionaire overt night has created it a center of attraction for the market enthusiast. The cryptocurrency has the immense possibility to grow not only as an investment medium but also it can become an alternative to the traditional currencies.

The government of various countries has started to accept it as a legal tender, this has also increased the interest among the common people. The acceptance of bitcoin by the various big business house has also added to its boom. The growth of digital currencies was no path of roses but it has faced many ups and downs, there have been more losses than gains in this journey to the success. the volatility of the market can be understood from this growth curve. For instance bitcoin, the king of the market was leading in $20,000 last December but its value came down to $7000 at the beginning of the February this year, it is not the story of Bitcoin alone but the scenario is similar for other Cryptocurrencies as well.

Seeing this downward trend in the market any of the leading banks have restricted their customers from using credit cards too but Cryptocurrencies.  Many developing nations are framing strict laws to the use of Cryptocurrencies. With every new invention comes to risk and reward so one should be very careful before accepting this new technology into the business.

Accepting digital currencies into the business gives many advantages including lesser transaction fees, fewer chances of fraud, more transparency etc.  But it adds some challenges that need to be solved before adding it to the business. The volatility of the market is a big concern for the business to accept it as a mode of payment. But before accepting it as a payment mode one should comply with KYC and Anti Money Laundering regulations.

The technologies used behind these Cryptocurrencies like a private key or smart contract have the chances of getting hacked, in January this one of the big exchange got hacked and more than $500 million cryptocurrencies got stolen. Despite the hacking risk people are still interested in trading these Cryptocurrencies, so the companies want their customers to use hardware wallets and cold storage wallets for the safety and security of their funds. See this review for more information.