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Understanding the types of orders in the trading

When you are a trader you would be placing orders in order to make the trade happen. Orders are placed either directly by the trader or by the brokers in cases of managed funds, or the mutual fund companies or by the trading bots like QProfit System. No matter who places the trade there are various types of orders that are placed.

1.      Market order

2.      Limit order

3.      Stop order

4.      Trailing stop order

Market order

This is the most common type of order and it also gets the name unrestricted order. It is the simplest types of orders where the trader places a request for the instrument to buy and the quantity of purchase. When the requested quantity of the assets is available the order would be executed at the price at that point in time. If the supply is less than the demand then the orders might take time to be executed.

Limit order

The method that is popularly called take profit order is one where a minimum price would be set for the broker to sell or buy an asset. The method mainly focuses on increasing the winning chances.

Stop orders

These could be stop-loss orders or stop limit orders. The maximum price level target is fixed. Order placement here happens after the price of the asset reaches a value beyond the set target. Stop loss orders are automatically placed if the asset price falls below a certain specified level. For those traders who wish to balance a stop order stop limit orders are favorable choices.

Trailing stop order

This again could be trailing stop loss or trailing stop limit orders. Trailing stop orders are where the traders would not just set the target amount but also a trailing amount close to each target.     Everyone wants to reduce the risks while also improving the chances of winning. For the trailing amount, there could be a fixed price or the trader can also choose to set a percentage value. When the stop loss or the stop limit events are triggered, there is the least possibility of making losses. In fact, trailing stop, orders are known to maximize the profit for the orders while also ensuring a good reduction in the losses.


For a trader to be successful it is important to understand the minor differences between each type of order and to know when to use each type. This would make the trader take better decisions.

Tips On How To Invest In An IPO

Even if you are an expert analyst you could still face a big challenge to know which a good IPO to invest into is. There are many risks involved in IPO investments and this makes them different from the regular stocks that are traded.

However, if you still decide to take the risk and invest in an IPO then take care to keep these important things in mind.


It is tough to get information on companies that are about to go public. There are not many analysts that would be covering this company and thus there could be some crack here and there. Most of the companies will try to disclose every information in the prospectus still it is important to know that the prospectus is prepared by them and not by any third party.

Make sure that you research well on the internet about the company and its competitors. It finances, any news and past releases can help you decide. The information may be very scarce but it is your duty to learn as much as you can about the company. You may then come to know whether to or not to invest in the company. Check the source.

Check the brokers

Make sure to check who the underwriter of the company is. This is not a hard and fast rule but you could rely on the big banks to bring good companies to the market. If the company is being evaluated by a small broker then this should raise an alarm and you need to be cautious before making this investment.

Read the prospectus

Never ever skip reading the prospectus of the company. The prospectus could highlight a bit of the opportunity and the risks of the company. It would also highlight what it intends to do with the money that it has raised through an IPO.

If the money will be used to repay loans then you better not buy this IPO. However, if the company is going into expansion or research then this is a positive sign.

Overpromising and not being able to deliver are big mistakes that companies make. Thus you need to look out if the company is having an outlook that is over achievable.

Be skeptical when you want to plunge into the IPO market. There is lots of uncertainty when it comes to IPO investments because of very less information available. It is your duty to do thorough research before you buy an IPO.


General Facts To Know When Accounting For Energy Resource Trading

The trading of naturally available energy source, other required utilities, and mining supplies has entirely moved out to a different platform from being only a contractual-based activity. The main reason behind such a massive shifting was to acquire a more central importance and the title role in the strategies adopted by the respective Bitcoin Trader industries in these sectors.

Moreover, the other related segments like the energy market controllers, Carbon market authorities and the increased involvement of well-established and huge investment banks and funding schemes and all other external relationship occurring via physical, exchange trading markets to futures have altogether enhanced the development of the scope of this particular topic.

Important facts that are to be focussed while dealing these energy efficiencies are

  • Desertion: Permission has to be taken from the respective regulatory body if a utility firm or other pipeline agencies want to replenish, renew or vend their amenities.
  • The More-market cost: If a condition occurs when a commodity is charged for a higher value than its respective open market price, the interrelated difference of price is termed as more-market cost. This cost includes the range over and below the market rate and not the whole price.
  • The fee for accessing: There is always an associated fee charged for exchanging power over another distribution system. This is a kind of rental charge and is used for the upliftment and maintenance of energy transmission infrastructure which always transmit energy to the customer. Moreover, the energy used by the consumers is charged as the access fee in the regulated markets. Whereas, in the deregulated markets, these access fee comes as an additional charged item on the energy invoices provided.
  • The energy wiring charges: The wiring rate depends on privatization and is presented in a bill at cents-per-KWh. These charges are further used to meet the infrastructure maintenance like that for power transmission lines, distribution points and so on. This received access fee is also used to pay off the security debts, renewable energy development, setting up environmental programs that benefit mostly the public.
  • The retrievable reserves: This account is purely determined by other regulatory factors within the regional area. Mostly this comes under the accessible energy resources.
  • The safe side exposures: Basically, when there occurs an exposure of related on-balance-calculation sheet, swaps are performed and is often accounted on an accretion basis. Under this process, the payment receipt obtained during each period is accumulated and briefly adjusted into income or expense account.


A Detailed Examination On The Benefits of Bitcoin For Small Scale Business

As this growing world is all about business uptakes, bitcoin seems to be a very practical and efficient money source in the reality for the small businesses to operate. This potential currency finds its application with almost all related models like consumer, employees, governments or its current regulators.

A detailed analysis of bitcoin usage indicates a steep curve which is the result of consistent learning process adopted by clients to inherit this new and exotic technology. However, the fundamentals of using this virtual coin guarantee tight security together with ensured low transaction cost for all the organizations approving it. This comes to help for the sprouting e-commerce enterprises and almost all the non-profit organizations.

Apart from these, the other financial benefits of using bitcoins are

  • They make possible the well-secured cash transactions or payments, principally with an elemental factor of authentication is used by the two end users.
  • When compared with the usage of different types of transaction cards, these bitcoins support the small-scale type start-up ventures with merely low cost.
  • In addition to these, these small firms are sure to experience speculative gains that is dependent on bitcoin value and fluctuates with dollar price. This is accounted with an annual or say a specific time period.
  • Since there exists no kind of transaction chargebacks, the merchant can confidently continue reading the apt receipt of nearly all the sales revenue encountered.
  • Even the cost charged for providing a bitcoin wallet and for the associated payment processing system is so small compared to the credit or debit card usage.
  • Additionally, bitcoin serves an independent daily return basis that can never be correlated with any other financial assets or sectors. For example, each of the single-factor finance models like the stock market, interest rate, developing market currency and daily dollar index or so stand and work independently even if they share a self-determining potential relationship to bitcoin.

However, the bitcoin-initiated process requires a reliable access to the internet which is not even a factor of consideration in this modern world of advanced technology. Further, this makes it a hundred percent digital mode of remittance. Moreover, the existing business accounts are always linked with the conventional bank accounts which are further has a source of attachment to the accounts of digital bitcoin wallet provider. A Bitcoin trading gives out the best possible outcome when it is professionally managed and this should be always a fact of consideration.

Trading is fraught with risk and you ought to know this by now at least!

Have you heard the story about the shepherd who cried wolf?

Exactly like that tale, people today have lost their discretion. They call every other trading software a scam. I believe that trading is completely unpredictable activity in terms of security and it is fraught with risks that you cannot but embrace. This is because the nature of the trade is such that if you win some you will definitely lose some.

Sometimes, the losses can be more than the cumulative profits but that does not in any way make the trading software a scam. For heaven’s sake, try to understand that when you trade you already know the caveat that you can lose all your money or that you can make even meager profits. But traders are there for passion to trade and the will to overcome all odds. You cannot and mark my words call a software a scam or a fraud or a cheat only because you lost your money. Losing your investment can have too many other reasons apart from the software being a cheat!

Take this case for example:

This wonderful and legit software is called the Bitcoin Trader that I have myself invested in an extremely happy with the kind of profits that I am generating. But when I logged on to the internet and I find half of the human calling it a fraud it enrages me. More than enraging I think I feel pity for those who will get talked into this negative propaganda against this fully legit software and steer away from it. It is pitiful that people will avoid using this awesome software in spite of the fact that this particular software has tried so hard to stay honest.

Just because you lose your money the software does not become a scam!

Trading itself embodies losing and winning. What is trading if devoid of risks?

I have seen some people argue on the internet saying that they lost so much money and that the software is thus a scam. Losing can be incidental to a lot of things say even not choosing the right signals. Apart from this, it is a well known universal fact that when you trade, you need to be able to take the bull by the horn as in take the risks and take them in the right spirit. If you cannot handle risks then probably trading is not the right preoccupation for you!

Give it a chance I say: trade on this software once. Trust me you will be hooked on it for life!